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Our Farming Equipment

Instead of going to a dealer and looking at the limited selection on offer, check out our online store to buy farm machinery. We can provide you with a great deal on some of the best farming tools for sale on the market, including spreaders and agitators, grass equipment, crops and planting machines, and anything else you might need.

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Our Promises to You

We pride ourselves on providing a service that our customers can respect and trust. Our online platform is based on an innovative model that focuses on always offering maximum accountability, great quality farming machines and affordable prices.

Respect & Trust

We respect the commitment needed to finance and use purchases of this magnitude. With that in mind, we pass off the savings we see from cutting out the middleman to the customer. Our business is all about mutual trust.

Ingenuity & Innovation

Our business is simple but offers a completely new way of looking at agricultural equipment purchasing. The final price is reflected by the quality of the machine, not business overheads and staffing costs.

Accountability & Backup Service

We understand that things don't always go as planned, but we don't let that stop us. That is why we have a caring team who's ready to support you and solve any problems that may arise.

Why Buy Online Machines?

An online business model isn’t conventional and might seem strange if you have never had the opportunity to buy farming equipment online before. Once you start, however, you won’t go back to a dealership. BuyOnlineMachines brings complete innovation to the field of farm machinery sales.

Shopping for farming machinery with us involves a 24/7 support staff to answer any questions, a complete online sales catalogue, and the guarantee of a good deal. BuyOnlineMachines has forged trusted relationships with suppliers from all around Europe to ensure that you get the highest quality farming equipment and machinery at the best possible prices.

The completely online business model streamlines the entire process of farming machines sales and eliminates the traditional overhead costs of standard farm machinery dealers. The savings we get from doing business without a dealership are reflected in the prices of the farm tools and agriculture machines for sale on our website.

As you look through the online sales catalogue of over 600 different types of farm machinery and equipment, know that we are here for you. A sales team is waiting to answer any questions and help you make the best purchase decision possible. The support doesn’t end with a purchase–as long as you own the farming machine, we’ll be here for you!

Our Reviews

Let us now hear from some of the customers that purchased their farming and agricultural machines/equipment at BuyOnlineMachines.

I couldn’t ask for better Customer service

I bought a baller recently; I couldn’t ask for better Customer service. Gary is a real credit to the company, great service, price. Thank you!

Great value and service

I needed a small harvester and looked for 2 months, but the prices were ridiculous. I came across BuyOnlineMachines and I found one in minutes!

Great quality and price

Got 10 Milking Machines, just received it today! Quality great, I was concerned given the price but super happy with it, and with the price!

Great prices & very knowledgeable staff

I went on to buy a seeder and ended up buy the entire shop ha ha. Great prices, very knowledgeable staff, not pushy. Really helpful.

Grass Equipment

Whether your farm is large or small, you need grass equipment. The agricultural machines for sale through BuyOnlineMachines include grazers, rakes, turners, mowers, and many other types of grass equipment for sale. Browse through the online sales catalogue, buy farming equipment, and start taking care of your farm sooner.

You need farm tools directly dedicated to meadows, fields, and lawns to keep your grass in control and growing at the correct rate. BuyOnlineMachines covers all of these categories of farming machines, with farm-level mowers, harvesters, and balers, as well as smaller lawnmowers and regular garden equipment for sale.

However, even the highest quality farming equipment on sale can break. We’re also prepared for that and won’t leave you in the dark! With our extended warranties and extra customer service, you will be able to get full refunds or replacements on any piece of affordable farm machinery for sale through the website.

Crop & Planting Machines

If you are looking for crop and planting machines for your farm, BuyOnlineMachines is a great place to buy farming equipment of this type. Our high-quality inventory of agricultural machinery for sale can be ordered online and shipped directly to your location quickly.

The farm machinery sales through our website include land levelers, harrows, ploughs, subsoils, seeders, and anything else you could need to start planting on the farm. A crop farm depends on good machinery to stay functional, and BuyOnlineMachines can provide the proper tools for a solid harvest.

Crop-oriented machines are one of the specialties on the BuyOnlineMachines website. If you are looking for affordable farm machinery for sale but don’t want to go to a dealer, check out our online sales catalogue and get some equipment delivered to your farm.

Other Farming Equipment

Of course, we sell many more types of farming equipment and machinery than just crop and planting machines and grass equipment. The large-scale farming machines are an essential part of the sales catalogue and a great way to save money on bigger models, but our other farming equipment is equally crucial to running a successful farm!

If you need to buy a smaller farming machine such as a forklift or trailer, you can find it through our sales catalogue. Farming equipment isn’t limited to large tractors, balers, and land levellers. Instead, it can include smaller pieces of equipment that are necessary for the farm.

For farmers who already purchased all their larger machinery, we offer parts to replace anything that’s broken. It is much less expensive to buy a single part and replace it than to replace an entire tractor, but parts can be challenging to come across. Depending on what you need, we will probably sell it in our online sales catalogue for farming and agricultural machines.

From items as small as buckets to equipment as large as a hay baler, you can buy a wide variety of tools as one of the biggest online farm equipment suppliers. Because we buy our farming equipment from Europe, the prices are lower, and the quality is higher.

Crop farming needs a lot of equipment, but so does animal farming. Milking equipment, animal feeding tools, and several other livestock-focused products are essential to running a smooth dairy or pig farm. Live animals have a specific schedule, and we have a wide range of farming machinery for sale to help you take the best care of them.

If you are just starting out in the farming industry, you might be looking to buy a wide range of farming tools and machinery. Farm building equipment, farm tools, machinery, and tractors are the most essential items you will need to purchase to get started. Save money on it all and buy farm machinery from our online sales catalogue.

Whether you own an agricultural farm, a livestock farm, or a combination of the two, you can find and buy farming equipment at BuyOnlineMachines. If you’re not sure, our customer support and sales team can help answer any questions and provide you with detailed information on the agricultural machines for sale on our site.

Spreaders & Agitators

A farm needs fertiliser to grow crops consistently and without generating illnesses. While many farmers used to fertilise by hand, commercial farms don’t have time or money to afford that anymore. Spreaders and agitators provide the machinery necessary to produce a widespread fertiliser over an entire field.

BuyOnlineMachines offers a wide range of farming machinery for sale, including several spreaders and agitators for you to browse. Whether you need to buy a lime spreader, fertiliser spreader, or a smaller option like a pump or mixer chain, you can find it through our catalogue of affordable farm machinery for sale.

These machines work to keep the crops healthy and the ground soft. You might use their manure as a natural fertiliser if you have livestock. Manure tools are an excellent way to spread it through your fields without having to get knee-deep in it yourself. However you decide to fertilise your fields, we have you covered.

Recently Added Products

We are regularly updating our inventory with the latest and greatest farm machinery sales on the market.

Our Process

Step 1

You select the specific machine from our website by clicking the green icon in the corner of the screen.

Step 2

You will be directed to pay a small deposit, and a member of our customer care team will contact you within hours to keep you updated on the progress of your order.

Step 3

You will receive a delivery date for the equipment you purchased, and we will direct you to pay the remaining balance in full.

Step 4

Once you have made your payment, we will ship the machine to your doorstep. You can use order tracking to stay updated on the progress of your order as it travels to you.

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France Germany, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and more!

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UK (England, Wales, Scotland) and Russia.

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Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

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Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and more!

Access affordable farm machinery for sale at BuyOnlineMachines

BuyOnlineMachines is more than just a farm equipment dealership. We have been disrupted the entire farming industry to simplify the sales process and save you money. Our comprehensive online sales catalogue and completely electronic business model mean that you can buy farming equipment and machinery from the comfort of your home.

Because we source our farming and agricultural machines from leading European manufacturers, you will save money with every purchase from us. The quality of our machines is extremely high, and the price is low, due to our relationships with our suppliers and our customers. We offer the greatest affordable farm machinery for sale.

The values of BuyOnlineMachines are reflected in our prices. We value innovation in the industry, the trust and respect of our customers, and the accountability of extended warranties and customer service. Once you purchase farming equipment at BuyOnlineMachines, you will always be one of our valued customers.


Do you have more questions about farm equipment for sale? We’ve got you covered!

Is Farming Equipment Expensive?

What you think is expensive and what someone else feels is expensive can vary. However, even the more affordable brands of farming equipment can be costly. When you think about the cost of buying farming equipment, keep in mind that they’re an investment into your farm. With the right farm equipment and machinery purchase, you will save time and money in the long run.

What Machines Do You Need to Farm?

There are several machines you need to farm. First, you’ll need a tractor. A tractor is a versatile farm vehicle that can have different attachments. Some of the attachments you’ll want for the tractor include a plough, fertiliser spreader, seeder, baler, and harrow.

Besides a tractor, you may need an ATV or UTV to help you get around the farm quicker. Another farming machine you should invest in is a combine or harvester. This investment will make your life much easier when it comes time to harvest your crops. You can find plenty of farm machinery sales online or in retailers.

What Is the Best Selling Farm Equipment?

The best-selling farm equipment is tractors. These are versatile farming tools crucial to an efficient farm, so they are often purchased. Farm tractors for sale offer various attachments that are critical to caring for a farm. They can help you spread fertiliser around the farm, seeds and perform more tasks.

How Much Do Farm Machines Cost?

It depends. How much you’ll spend on buying farm machines will depend on the size, the agricultural machinery dealers you use, the brand, and the type of machine for sale. Typically, farming equipment can cost anywhere from £11,000 to well over £00,000.

These are standard price ranges for various brands and agricultural machinery for sale. You can often find gently used farm machines at even lower prices. Higher price points don’t always indicate quality. It is best to do your research on the brand before you buy farm machinery.

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