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BuyOnlineMachines has the high-quality milking machines for sale your farm needs, at affordable prices, unparalleled after-sales service and flexible financing options. For all your milking machines and supply needs, look no further than BuyOnlineMachines.

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in our catalogue you can enjoy a vast selection of milking machines for sale

Why Buy Online Machines?

BuyOnlineMachines specializes in providing the same quality milking machines for sale you can find at traditional dealers but at a lower cost to you, the consumer. As an online company with no overhead costs, we never have to mark up prices to cover operation costs like other retailers, so we pass these savings onto you through our low prices.

We know how buying milking machines for cows can be confusing. With the various brands and options of milking machines and equipment available for sale in the market, you may need some guidance and support when making a final purchase choice. BuyOnlineMachines provides 24/7 customer support to answer all your questions and help you through the buying process of your new milking machine and equipment.

Don’t stress about the price – we understand how important this equipment is for you and your farm, so we provide financing options. Once you settle on purchasing a milking machine, we will ship it to your farm for free, subject to terms & conditions.

Our Range of Other Farm Equipment

At BuyOnlineMachines, you’ll find more than milking machines for sale. We offer grass, crop, planting, farm building, forest and snow, digger, and animal feeding equipment, to name just a few.

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Farm Building Equipment

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Digger Plant Equipment

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Forest Snow Equipment

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milking machines for sale,buy milking machines for cows

Milking Machines

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Fencing Equipment

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Loaders & Forklifts

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Animal Feeding Equipment

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Buckets, Grabs, Tractor Loaders, & Sweepers

If you want to buy milking machines for cows, BuyOnlineMachines has plenty on offer

Cow Milking Machines Sales

BuyOnlineMachines offers many different milking machines for sale and some milking supplies for sale.

Some milking machines sales options include bucket systems, which are fit for farmers with 100 to 150 animals. You can choose from aluminum and chrome buckets in double mobile systems, and plastic or silicone buckets in single mobile systems.

Mobile systems, or portable cow milkers, are useful purchases for nomadic and semi-nomadic flocks. Around 80 animals can be milked by each milker every hour.

Single bucket systems are more power-efficient, less noisy, and less expensive to repair. Double bucket systems are more powerful and can milk two cows at once. They also take slightly less time to milk the cows.

Extra milking supplies for sale include claws, milking pumps, and pulsators. Browse our extensive catalogue of milking machines and equipment for sale and contact any questions!

Our Promises to You

We pride ourselves on providing a service that our customers can respect and trust. Our online platform is based on an innovative model that focuses on always offering maximum accountability, great quality farming machines and affordable prices.

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Respect & Trust

We respect the commitment needed to finance and use purchases of this magnitude. With that in mind, we pass off the savings we see from cutting out the middleman to the customer. Our business is all about mutual trust.

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Ingenuity & Innovation

Our business is simple but offers a completely new way of looking at agricultural equipment purchasing. The final price is reflected by the quality of the machine, not business overheads and staffing costs.

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Accountability & Backup Service

We understand that things don't always go as planned, but we don't let that stop us. That is why we have a caring team who's ready to support you and solve any problems that may arise.

Why Buy Milking Machines for Cows?

In the dairying enterprise, 33% of all daily labor is dedicated to milking. By purchasing milking machines and equipment, farmers can save time and money on labor, make the process easier and less stressful for their cows, enhance production, and provide a healthy work environment overall.

Studies show that “the most corrective action which farmers can take to decrease labour demand is the adoption of milking machines.” Buying a milking machine translates into spending 20-50% less on labor costs, freeing up time and money for other areas.

By decreasing the amount of time spent milking, workers can complete other tasks throughout the day. When buying milking machines, farmers can also hire less-skilled workers to monitor milking since this equipment requires less experience than manual milking.

The benefits for your livestock while using milking machines are numerous. First, they are much safer to use on the udders because the teeth only touch rubber, allowing for a much more gentle and smooth process than hand milking, leading to scratches and irritation.

Secondly, buying milking machines also reduce stress for cows. Livestock can startle easily with increased noise levels from multiple farmhands present, making the alternative of a milking device a more pleasant experience overall.

Cows can decide when they need milking rather than waiting in holding areas when you switch to using milking machines. This method adds predictability and consistency to the livestock’s schedule, helping to increase milk production.

Milking machines for sale at BuyOnlineMachines are ideal for farmers who hope to increase milk production. Frequency and consistency help to contribute to fat content. Additionally, decreasing the time intervals between milking and providing the same pressure from a machine each time produces a higher quality of milk.

Another huge benefit from our wide range of milking machines on sale is the ability to analyze milk. Milking machines can measure SCC, or the cell count of milk, and its conductivity. Conductivity can indicate mastitis, a condition where a cow’s mammary gland becomes inflamed and could potentially be fatal.

Additionally, manually milking cows vs. buying a milking machine can create health complications for farmers. Statistics show 40% of workers injure their backs, and 30% injure their necks and shoulders while milking by hand.

Our milking machines for sale will make life easier for you and your cows. They may even save your cows from life-threatening health conditions, making your choice to switch easier than ever.


How do milking machines work?

Inside the teat cups, you will find a plastic or stainless steel shell, and within that, you will find a rubber or silicone liner. The liners connect the cows’ teats to a milk tube. The pulsators work the liners and connect them to the vacuum pump.

Once the liner opens, the vacuum in the short milk tube causes milk to flow. Those short milk tubes meet at the claw, where the milk mixes.

After passing through the long milk tube, the milk enters the receiving jar and moves to the refrigerated bulk tank.

What Are the Equipment Used in Milking?

Various cow milking machines are available for sale, and consist of the following equipment:

  • Vacuum pump
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum tank
  • Pulsator
  • Regulator 
  • Milk receptacle
  • Teat cup shells and liners
  • Milk tubes
  • Claw
  • Receiving jar
  • Bulk tank

How Much Does a Cow Brush Cost?

Like milking machines, there are different types of cow brushes. Cow scratching post sales will differ based on the range of motion of the post. 

  • Stationary brushes: £100 to £200
    • There is one horizontal and one vertical brush in stationary brushes. They are usually positioned on posts or the ends of a feeder.
  • Rotating brushes: £1500 to £3700
    • These consist of a brush rotating on a horizontal arm. The motor at the end of the arm swings side-to-side. They are much more expensive than stationary brushes, but they access more of the cow’s back. Once the cow moves the brush, its motion is activated.
  • Swinging brushes: £1500 to £3700
    • This brush can swing forward and backward as well as side-to-side. It has access to only slightly more of the cow’s back than a rotating brush does. Again, the brushing begins when the cow moves it.

How Much Does a Cow Milker Cost?

There is a wide range of cow milkers for sale. If you want to buy milking machines for cows, you have a couple of options. The cow milking machine sales price depends on the level of automation.

You can find battery-powered and manual cow milking machines for sale at under £100. Electric machines, however, are usually priced between £1,000-£2,000.

Although much more expensive, purchasing electric milking machines are beneficial because they require no human labour on a day-to-day basis. Thus, although you are investing more money into buying the milking machinery, you will pay less in labour costs in the long run.

Our Process

Step 1

You select the specific machine from our website by clicking the green icon in the corner of the screen.

Step 2

You will be directed to pay a small deposit, and a member of our customer care team will contact you within hours to keep you updated on the progress of your order.

Step 3

You will receive a delivery date for the equipment you purchased, and we will direct you to pay the remaining balance in full.

Step 4

Once you have made your payment, we will ship the machine to your doorstep. You can use order tracking to stay updated on the progress of your order as it travels to you.

Our Reviews

Let us now hear from some of the customers that purchased their farming and agricultural machines/equipment at BuyOnlineMachines.

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I couldn’t ask for better Customer service

I bought a baller recently; I couldn’t ask for better Customer service. Gary is a real credit to the company, great service, price. Thank you!

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Great value and service

I needed a small harvester and looked for 2 months, but the prices were ridiculous. I came across BuyOnlineMachines and I found one in minutes!

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Great quality and price

Got 10 Milking Machines, just received it today! Quality great, I was concerned given the price but super happy with it, and with the price!

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Great prices & very knowledgeable staff

I went on to buy a seeder and ended up buy the entire shop ha ha. Great prices, very knowledgeable staff, not pushy. Really helpful.

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How Do I Choose Between Various Milking Machines for Sale?

There are many types of milking machines for sale, and your decision will need to be based upon your farm’s unique needs. You may require milking machines that are easily transported, require no human intervention, or milk two cows at once.

On the other hand, some of these customizations may be unnecessary, and opting for a less expensive option may be exactly right for you.

When making such a crucial decision, you can always learn about your milking machine sales options on the BuyOnlineMachines website or contact our 24/7 customer support line.

Most of the decisions you make as a farmer are not easy ones. There seem to be as many downsides as upsides, regardless of your choice. Luckily, you can be sure that your choice to buy milking machines for cows is the right one – for you, your employees, and your cows.

Buying any of the milking machines for sale will help you increase your farms productivity

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