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Making sure the farmland is healthy is a crucial element of growing outstanding crops. To help you reach this essential objective, we offer a variety of farming equipment to work the soil, including manure equipment, ploughs, planters, harrows, and harvesters. Our goal is to provide equipment that helps you meet your farming goals. On BuyOnlineMachines you can find a slurry separator for sale, and you can also buy a slurry stirrer to create the mix that is best for improving your soil.

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BuyOnlineMachines offer a variety of slurry separators for sale

Why Buy Online Machines?

You will have an unparalleled experience when you buy a slurry stirrer or separator from BuyOnlineMachines. We have a selection of high-quality farming machinery listed in our online catalogue, which we source from top European manufacturers.

With our affordable prices and first-rate financing options, you will have your new equipment on your farm working for you as quickly as possible. Each slurry stirrer and slurry separator for sale is of high quality.

Because our sales are entirely online, our costs are lower than dealerships with a physical location. We are delighted to pass these savings on to you, providing you with affordable prices for quality manure equipment.

The after-sales service you receive from BuyOnlineMachines is exceptional. We are available 24 hours a day. You can contact us by phone, email, or chat.

Our Range of Spreaders & Agitators

Working with manure is much more efficient with our range of spreaders and agitators, which include fertiliser spreaders, manure spreaders, mixers, side & rear discharge spreaders, and other manure equipment.

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Manure Equipment

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Fertiliser Spreaders

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Manure Spreaders

You can also buy a slurry stirer from via our innovative online sales platform

Slurry Separators & Stirrers for Sale

When you process manure, having an effective separator to divide the solid components from the liquids is a great advantage. Use the high-quality slurry separator for sale on BuyOnlineMachines to improve your fertiliser. Mix the result in an agricultural mixer to spread.

You can also buy a slurry stirrer to keep your manure pit moving. A slurry stirrer is an essential piece of equipment for stock farmers that will provide phenomenal performance and keep your manure processing optimal. Our stirrers will reach down at least 2.5 meters to stir the pit’s bottom.

Check our sales catalogue for the manure processing machinery you require and contact us if you need more information. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day by phone, text, email, or live chat.

Our Promises to You

We pride ourselves on providing a service that our customers can respect and trust. Our online platform is based on an innovative model that focuses on always offering maximum accountability, great quality farming machines and affordable prices.

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Respect & Trust

We respect the commitment needed to finance and use purchases of this magnitude. With that in mind, we pass off the savings we see from cutting out the middleman to the customer. Our business is all about mutual trust.

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Ingenuity & Innovation

Our business is simple but offers a completely new way of looking at agricultural equipment purchasing. The final price is reflected by the quality of the machine, not business overheads and staffing costs.

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Accountability & Backup Service

We understand that things don't always go as planned, but we don't let that stop us. That is why we have a caring team who's ready to support you and solve any problems that may arise.

Why Buy Slurry Separators & Stirrers?

Farmers that work with livestock, and especially dairy farmers, often find themselves with a lot of manure to deal with. Handling this manure without causing pollution or breaking regulations is done easily with these slurry separators and stirrers.

When you gather up the manure, a muck scraper for sale on BuyOnlineMachines will help to get all the manure into the pit. Buy a slurry stirrer to keep it well mixed so it will go through the pump into the separator tank without risking a clog.

We have high-quality slurry separators for sale that will drain the liquids and retain the solids, which can then be used in agriculture for fertiliser on crops or to sell to other farmers for their crops. A slurry separator cost is well worth it when the manure is fully processed.

When determining which slurry stirrer and separator that will work best for your farm, consider these factors:

  • Technology – what type of strainer or mesh is used and how effective it is 
  • Slurry – what type of slurry and how much slurry is in the manure pit
  • The end-product – what you will do with the results of the slurry after it is processed
  • Cost – how much you have budgeted, the cost of the machinery, and other costs of operation

Since the Nitrates Action Programme put into place regulations restricting organic nitrogen on each farm to 170/kg/ha/year, purchasing and using a slurry separator will allow you to move nutrients to other farms. The remaining liquid will irrigate the farmland and provide nutrients to the plants.

Slurry stirrers keep the particulates mixed into the liquids until the solution is in the separator. A good stirrer will reach far enough down into the manure pit to get the particulates that tend to settle to the bottom and keep them from staying there.

The high-quality slurry stirrers for sale in our catalogue will serve the purpose nicely. Contact us for more information on our slurry stirrers, slurry separators, and other manure processing equipment for sale on our website. We will help you stay within your budget with our convenient financing options.

BuyOnlineMachines offers the best way to get suitable equipment for your farm. We can offer you better prices than most dealers because we do not have the expenses of maintaining a brick-and-mortar storefront.

We have a team of knowledgeable customer assistants ready to assist you by answering your questions and providing information about the products and your options. Contact us today!


What is a manure separator?

A manure separator removes the liquid from manure. The solid parts with lower moisture content are used to fertilise fields and improve farmland. The liquids can be used for irrigation and to help the crops to grow well.

If you have questions about manure separators, you can contact us at any time to discuss your farm’s requirements and get a price quote for a manure separator to process the slurry on your farm.

Our team has the knowledge to work with you on determining what equipment will work best for your needs. You can contact us via text, phone, email, or live chat.

What is a slurry separator?

A slurry separator takes the mixed manure from a manure pit and separates it into liquid and solid components. It is a piece of farm equipment that keeps the farm from being overloaded with animal excrement. The slurry separator cost is reasonable for the work it does.

Part of the process of getting the slurry into the separator is scouring it up from the ground. This is easier done with a muck scraper for sale on BuyOnlineMachines. Get the slurry out of the manure pit easier when you buy a slurry stirrer to keep it mixed well.

How does a slurry separator work?

The mixed slurry is pumped into the separator. In most cases, the separator spins. It releases the liquids to a different tank to be used for irrigation or other products while keeping the solids inside. The solids usually finish up with about 30-45% moisture remaining.

The thicker solids are good for creating fertiliser mixes to be spread on the farmland and you can dry them completely for other applications. Contact us for more information about slurry separators and how they can work for your farm.

How much does a manure separator cost?

Manure and slurry separators are available for sale for up to £40,000 depending on the features required. Contact us with your needs and we will provide you with a competitive price quote. You can contact us by phone, email, text, or live chat on our website.

The manure separator cost is worth it as having a machine to handle manure keeps the material from overwhelming your farm. We are confident that you can find an appropriate slurry separator in our sales catalogue, for the right price, financing options and after-sales service.

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Once you have made your payment, we will ship the machine to your doorstep. You can use order tracking to stay updated on the progress of your order as it travels to you.

Our Reviews

Let us now hear from some of the customers that purchased their farming and agricultural machines/equipment at BuyOnlineMachines.

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

I couldn’t ask for better Customer service

I bought a baller recently; I couldn’t ask for better Customer service. Gary is a real credit to the company, great service, price. Thank you!

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Great value and service

I needed a small harvester and looked for 2 months, but the prices were ridiculous. I came across BuyOnlineMachines and I found one in minutes!

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Great quality and price

Got 10 Milking Machines, just received it today! Quality great, I was concerned given the price but super happy with it, and with the price!

slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Great prices & very knowledgeable staff

I went on to buy a seeder and ended up buy the entire shop ha ha. Great prices, very knowledgeable staff, not pushy. Really helpful.

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slurry separator for sale,buy a slurry stirer

Purchase Other Manure Equipment from BuyOnlineMachines

We are happy to help you handle your manure processing needs. You can find a slurry separator for sale in our catalogue and buy a slurry stirrer to prepare the slurry for pumping into the separator. We will answer any questions you have about your equipment.

We offer top-quality manure processing machinery and other farm equipment online, cutting out the overhead of having a physical location. We pass on that savings to you at affordable prices. We are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

The slurry separators, stirrers, and other farm machinery are made by leading manufacturers throughout Europe and worldwide.

Contact us by calling, texting, emailing, or clicking on our live chat to discuss your requirements with a knowledgeable team member. Let us help you achieve your goals by using the best slurry stirrers, slurry separators, and other manure equipment for your farm.

You can enjoy a wide range of manure equipment available for sale on our website

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