Intermediate carbon steel bulk containers approved for transporting of fuel (IBC).

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To solve the fuel transport issue, Emiliana Serbatoi has designed and developed TRASPO®, a line of steel tanks, approved by Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in compliance with ADR regulation and UN marked.
TRASPO ® tanks are built in carbon steel, tight welded and are externally protected by a proper steel frame. The TRASPO® range consists of five main models with capacities of 250, 380, 450, 620 and 910 litres.
Horizontal (Mod. 380-620-910) and vertical (Mod. 250-450) cylindrical tanks, fixed in a shock proof and anti-roll protective steel frame.
Technical specifications:
  • Watertight electro-welded, sandblasted and oven-baked powder coated.
  • Equipped with internal breakwater plates (only for 620 and 910 models).
  • Manhole, diam. Ø 300 mm complete with gasket and tight bolted cover, 10 mm thickness.
  • 2" safety and emergency vent valve, homologated according to regulations.
  • Ball valve installed on the suction point, equipped with a lockable lever to prevent unwanted opening.
  • Lifting lugs for balanced lifting from the top, including when fully loaded.
  • Forklift pockets located on the bottom of the steel frame and proper holes for floor anchoring.
  • Ready for earthing and equipotential connection.

TRASPO ® can be provided with a fuel transfer unit installed in an oven-baked powder coated metal cabinet, key lockable, fitted according to the customer’s requirements.
Fuel transfer unit specification:

  • Hand rotary vane pump or DC  - 12 or 24 Volts self-priming vane electro-pump, flow rate from 40 to 60 l./min., provided with incorporated by-pass valve, strainer, on/off  switch and battery cable.
  • Manual or automatic fuel nozzle.
  • Antistatic rubber hose, length 5 m.
  • Mechanical flow meter for non commercial use (option).

Certificates and documentation:

  • Commissioning report / initial inspection, issued by the Authorized Agency.
  • EC Declaration of Conformity for the fuel transfer unit.
  • Instruction manual according to the ADR prescriptions and for the proper use of the fuel transfer devices and equipment.
Emiliana Serbatoi S.R.L. performs periodic conformance testing service of transport tanks (IBC), according to ADR regulation.

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