Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Following are the general terms and conditions when buying online from Buyonlinemachines

Products on Buyonlinemachines:

  • There might be some products that are designed by Buyonlinemachines as brand. Most of the products are from our suppliers with the different brands as listed under brands in menu. Each brand is identified under the product you select on our website.

Purchase Agreement and Delivery:

  • Buyonlinemachines (US) and you enter into the purchase agreement when you order a product either of our partners or Buyonlinemachines own brand.
  • You must need to create a personal profile before you checkout with the products that are in your shopping cart.
  • By clicking on “Place order”, you place binding on the orders that are in your shopping cart at the time of payment. As soon your order is confirmed, Buyonlinemachines sends you order confirmation with the details of products that you have ordered on website.
  • By completing your order, you also agree that the final amount of your purchase can be transferred through the payment channel that you have selected and available on website.
  • Your card will be charged once your order is processed & shipped, but will be reserved till then.
  • It is to inform you that Buyonlinemachines as an online store has no obligations if any of your purchased products goes out of stock during the process of confirming the order and paying the final amount. These are exceptions but important to inform you. In that case, we can refund you the amount for the specific product once payment is transferred into our account. This practice may take few days but Buyonlinemachines is professionally committed to refund as soon as possible.
  • We will deliver the purchase from our stock in case it is Buyonlinemachines own product or from our suppliers. Delivery days mentioned is always considered as normal business days (Monday-Friday). Buyonlinemachines as company always try to use Delivery Company that is reliable but there can be some delays based on ground situation in the delivery area, city or country. It can also be the reason due to the logistics problem within Delivery Company.

Prices & the Delivery Cost:

  • The prices on our website are including VAT and valid at the time order is placed. As a general rule, all the products belong to Buyonlinemachines until the full price of purchase is made.
  • Buyonlinemachines use regular delivery services using DHL and sometimes, we can use express services to deliver.


  • Buyonlinemachines provides its customer the opportunity to pay by debit card, credit card, and using PayPal.
  • You will only get the electronic invoices and the credit note into your bank. We do not pay the cash as refund.

Gift Cards and Discount voucher (codes):

  • Buyonlinemachines gifts card can only be used/redeemed when shopping on website. Buyonlinemachines cannot pay the money against gifts cards to redeem.
  • Discount codes/vouchers are distributed randomly during a marketing campaign and these may be redeemed within their validity.
  • Discount codes are not valid on the items that are on sale.

Return and right of withdrawal

    • Since the process of starting a delivery is automated, even then you may request to cancel your order before it is processed to deliver. In other case, you can return the purchase once this is delivered to you.

Claims of defective goods:

  • Your purchase from Buyonlinemachines.dk is covered by the provision of Danish sales of goods Act, including those pertaining to defective products. It means defective products can be repaired/fixed (if it can be) or replaced.
  • You may also get a refund or a reduction in the product price, depending on the specific case and product.
  • By the law, you have right to claim the defective goods within 24 months of purchase but claim must be reasonable and justified. It means product was sent to you as damaged/defective, and neither defect was caused by incorrect use of the product nor by any damaging behavior (e.g. ordinary(misuse) use/wear & tear).
  • To claim defective good, you must contact us through our contact us page “within reasonable time” right after you discover the defect. Normally you should be able to find the defect within 20 days as we take return for normal returns.
  • In case of defective product, you must: Write the description of defect, 4-5 pics of the defective product where defect can be seen easily, make sure you take the pictures in a way that one can see complete product.
  • You may be given a pre-paid voucher if we find out your claim was valid.


  • This is no warranty on the products purchased from Buyonlinemachinesstores.com unless provided by the vendor of the product.
  • There is a warranty on the watches, as these have international warranties and you can claim it from vendor from anywhere.

Additional Information:

  • Before contacting us regarding any product, purchase, return, refund or any other information, we suggest you to visit our Terms & condition page.
  • We can change our terms & conditions without any prior notification.
  • Buyonlinemachines may not be hold responsible for anything that is caused by a cyber attack on Buyonlinemachinesstores.com by anyone from anywhere.
  • We also suggest that website should be used by a person who is over 18 to minimize the fatal handling.

Happy shopping,